EduSpark's Dashboards are designed in such a way that they focus on elements that are more relevant to the user type. This makes it easier for users to find things that are more relevant to them quickly and easily. We have made sure that our dashboards are simple but elegant. Admin can monitor the Expenses, Fees Collection, Bank Transaction, Attendance etc., in graphical representation between selected dates very easily. Students can view the multiple features in dashboard like Exam Result, TimeTable, Messages, Attendance, Fee Details, Library. You will be able to find all the key features very easily and also navigate through them with relative ease.


This segment covers all the basic information about the students with auto generated Student UniqueID. Can perform settings to Fee, Transport, Hostel, Logins of student & also Import student data from Excel Sheet for enrollment. student Management EduSpark has a comprehensive student admission form that allows you to fill the details directly or import their details from excel sheet and admit students one by one. Once the data is entered you can Enroll the students and generate UniqueID. Can promote students to their concerned classes. Using data filters you can find students quickly as per your search. This reports helps to print the student data in different formats which can be generated through different filters with different columns as per your requirement for each report.

Human Resource

This section is used to manage the staff data and can change the employee settings, Activate / Deactivate employees from this section and also provides flexible reports in different formats with different filters. Create or Manage employee logins with respective to their working modules and allot pages to employees upon admin choice. You can add and manage all your staff data and can generate employee auto generated UniqueID while adding the staff. Admin can create or manage the employee logins and transport facility, Allots the required pages to employees with permissions. Reports help to print the Ex-staff & Current staff data in different formats which can be generated through different filters.


EduSpark Manages student, staff attendance manually or integrate with Biometric, RFID, Smart Card control systems for automatic marking of attendance comes under this segment. Auto SMS / Email alerts can be send for the absentees and encourage them to be regular in school. Attendance EduSpark gives you the opportunity to quickly take attendance & Parents can view attendance info at any time through the parent portal. EduSpark takes the Staff attendance in Paid / Unpaid Leave format in the system which can be used for payroll purposes. EduSpark has inbuilt reports which gives the capability to get students who have been absent more frequently or compare their academic performance with other students which help you take better decisions.


EduSpark has a powerful communication features that keeps everyone in touch 24-hours a day. Schools can send emails, text and messages to the entire school or predefined groups of parents, such as the PTA. Send SMS with few clicks to a list of Parents, Students & Teachers. These could be alerts, greetings or any school related updates. The integration with fee, exams and other modules makes it even easier. Send emails to a list of Parents, Students and Teachers without typing any email addresses. Just select the people from the list, enter your message or attach files and send. This is the internal messaging system provided by EduSpark. Parents, Students and Teachers can have controlled conversations among themselves from anywhere and at anytime.

Time Table

This section allows you to monitor the time table of Classes, Exams. It helps you in Creation and Updation of student time tables. You can view Class-wise, Staff-wise, Exam-wise reports and send SMS reminders whenever required. Time Table You can monitor what segment is being taught to any particular class at any given time. This will help you to keep track of the classes that are being taught and anything they might have missed out on. Exam time is a hectic period. This section will contain all information regarding the exams including the Schedules, Syllabus & Print the exam time table in different formats. It enables you to assign teachers to new classes and view existing teacher schedules at a glance. Scheduling is easier because as you can see the teachers class load immediately and can be easily changed or modified.


This module allows you to generate Exam Schedules, Question Paper and Hall Tickets within few minutes. You can make an entry or generate reports on exams conducted and send results to students and parents. You can Manage Any Examination Flow using this feature.EduSpark gives you an option to analyze this data through graphs which helps you analyze students marks in real quick time. EduSpark has the complete CCE flow built in which makes it easy for you to mark students and generate Report Cards in various formats. All the Calculations & Styling happens automatically which saves a lot of time. Using EduSpark you can maintain the question bank and make an entry of Questions, Bits subject wise required for the exams. This module allows you to generate the alternate or same question papers within few minutes. Using EduSpark just design the exam timetable according to the subjects and then select the class you want to generate hall ticket, it generates the whole class or single student Hall Tickets within few seconds.


EduSpark facilitates the fees module which gives total control over fee management to help in generating accurate and transparent reports of fees like Fee collection, Discount offered, Due reports, Paid reports etc. Sends automated reminder messages to parents Every Parent can log in to EduSpark and find the details about their kids fee paid and also when the next installment is due. Fee Collection Create any number of fee head names under which you would be collecting your fee then after you can apply amounts to students of different classes in one shot under these heads & also apply concessions or fines in case any. EduSpark provides instant fee reports help you to quickly check the collections and dues and match those for better auditing. Both these reports have various filters to deeply analyze your data and take actions accordingly. Reports help you print the Fees Collection and Due in different formats which can be generated through different filters and the most useful feature is that you can have different columns as per your requirement for each report.


EduSpark Provides a complete solution for your transportation system. Tracks details of routes, trips, fee received and in due etc. Records Spare Part Inventory, Fuel Consumption and related expenditures either on fortnight or monthly basis. EduSpark manage Vehicle details, Drivers, Routes, Boarding points as well as bus timings. Assign Students / Staff to transport vehicle in this segment. One click SMS update to bus passengers about bus delay/etc. User-defined routes can be created along with Transporter Details. Route Master Summary, which consists number of students under single route. With a single click user can check Route wise Fee Outstanding, Collection. Reports help you print the student data in different formats which can be generated through different filters and the most useful feature is that you can have different columns as per your requirement for each report.


EduSpark provides the Financial Accounting module with highly transparent system which gives supreme control over accounting processes. All type of vouchers can be entered from single voucher entry screen. All reports like Ledger, Bank/Cash Book, Journal, Trial Balance, Income & Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet are available with single click. account Management All type of expenses can be integrated in this Expense segment with detailed entry. Generates the expense reports with different expense types. In this section you can add your bank account and maintain the history of deposit, transfer, expense amount from various bank accounts. EduSpark has the complete details of Fee Collection details & Expenditure details in a single report from the custom dates, multiple users transaction.


EduSpark's Inventory module deals with all sundry purchases, issuance of items and maintenance of stock availability with appropriate reports to track all inventory transactions. Proper inventory management will save your time and money. Details of Sales, Purchase, Stock, Stock Return, Sales Return, Scrap can also be viewed and monitored. Purchases, Purchase returns can be made with purchase tax calculation and provides essential reports to give all the information about the purchase items according to the selection. Using EduSpark Item Sales / Issue Details, Sales return / Issue item return can be recorded. Complete Sales Reports are available with different filters in different formats. Available Stock of items, Scraped item details can also be recorded in this segment. Stock adjustment can be made in case of invalid stock. Used & Unused stock reports can be viewed.


EduSpark's Payroll module is a fully functional payroll management system is integrated into the software ease the burden on HR department. The payroll module is fully compliant with the rules as laid down by Law. Various calculation parameters and the allowances are also configurable as per the user requirements. payroll Keep track of everything related to payrolls. By making use of this facility in EduSpark you can generate pay-slips and reports on salaries paid/unpaid, TDS, PFs etc. EduSpark's Payroll module automatically calculate the working days, payable amount, deductions etc with various calculation parameters. Various reports available to assist the management in calculating the expenses on salary as well as reports needed for departmental processes like PF forms/Challans.

Eduspark School Management Software Pricing


All Basic Modules
No Premium Modules
500 Students
03 User Login

Unlimited Classes / Courses
Email Support
Free Hosting for 1 year
Paid – SMS Integration


All Basic Modules
No Premium Modules
1000 Students
08 Users Login

Unlimited Classes / Courses
Email / Phone Support
Free Hosting for 1 year
Paid – SMS Integration


All Basic Modules
All Premium Modules
Unlimited Students
Unlimited User logins
Unlimited Student / Parent Logins
Unlimited Classes / Courses
Email / Phone Support
Free Hosting for 1 year
Paid – SMS Integration

**Minimum Billing for 200 Students applicable**

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